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Improving Lives. Reducing Costs.

ForMyOdds optimizes care pathways to the personalized needs of patients. Just as operating systems were a harbinger of a sea change in application development, our data-driven approach to personalizing decision-making is the future of medicine. ForMyOdds takes a unique perspective to data integration. By identifying the unique needs of individual patients at the point-of-care and comparing outcomes and pathways experienced by other patients who have walked in their shoes, ForMyOdds offers valuable information that can improve outcomes and reduce costs.


ForMyOdds delivers real-time predictive models that are optimized to individual circumstances, individual experiences. Patients can experience counterfactual circumstances—or alternaquences—prior to their first teleconsult or hospital visit, and providers have an informational road map for what is predicted to be the optimal care pathway for each individual patient.


Our Cost-Optimizing Outcomes Lens allows for viewing the most cost-efficient pathways, all at the point-of-care. These can be viewed on a PC, an iPhone®, an Android® or on GoogleGlass®.


ForMyOdds allows for incentive-based health interventions to be provided in the home environment, beyond the boundaries of hospital-delivered care. Such an approach can improve adherence and consequent clinical outcomes while keeping costs to a minimum.

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