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Committed to Excellence

Our ForMyodds team of experts and professionals are committed to improving the lives of patients and reducing the cost of healthcare. We are keenly aware of the changing reimbursement landscapes and have created point-of-care tools to at once improve efficiency and deliver greater personalized care to patients. 

Our mission statement can be summarized in one word: YOU. 

At ForMyOdds, we value your collaboration and show a tenacity that is second to none. We enjoy having fun. Our space can be thought of as the white space in an organizational chart. We connect ideas and data and bring meaning to the information. This new knowledge excites our clients and raises new questions. That's why we bring together the finest minds in the health analytics, pharmaceutical and medical fields to solve complex problems. Value-based treatments require a deep understanding of the human condition--of our needs, wants and aspirations. This is where we start. We do not finish until the continuum of health care pathways is made better and more efficient. When done right, everybody wins. 

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