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In a world, barely visible to the naked eye, floats the foundation of life: our body’s DNA. This is what makes us at once related to one another and measurably unique. However, the environment has at least as much impact on our lives as the genes we were given at birth. A lifetime of experiences, diet, exercise, healthcare and billions of decisions leads to an enormous complexity of information. It also leads to our fundamental premise: patients are unique and should only be compared to matched information.

Until the last few years, sophisticated analytics tools were simply unavailable to measure such enormous quantities of data, and their complexity. Today we have the massive computing power which was hitherto unavaialble. We also have new ways of thinking about it, for data can be used to inform decision-making.

Such is the promise of data integration and in this larger world of pioneers like the minds behind ForMyOdds, new collaborations are forming. Here clinicians, big data experts and economists are all working beyond the confines of tranditional thinking to make medicine more affordable, more personalized, and a better experience. Using ForMyOdds as an engine, these researchers are making rapid inroads into the healthcare establishment to give the tools for decisions to be optimized at the point-of-care.

Improving Outcomes. Reducing Costs. All at the Point of Care. //

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